Majora's Mask




Undermiser is a puzzle rom hack of Majora's Mask based on the Randomiser written by DeathBasket. The goal of the hack is to defeat all 5 bosses: Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, Twinmold, and Majora.

Items have been manually placed in strategic locations to make useful items challenging to obtain. The knowledge and uses of glitches, clever movement, and tricks are required. There may not be one unique solution to each part. Different solutions may end up using different glitches/techniques.


Undermiser is designed to be completed by a human without the use of any extra aids such as save states, memory viewing/modification software, etc. As such, there are certain glitches/tricks which will not be required. You are discouraged from using any of these tricks. These include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Long sequences of consecutive blast mask hovers - If you're doing ~5 or more consecutive blast mask hovers, you're likely doing something which is unintended. I have tried to consider this in designing routes which make this not useful, however you are certainly welcome to try and use long consecutive blast mask hovers to obtain items I didn't intend for you to get early 😈.
  • Stale reference manipulation (SRM) - This glitch requires careful control over the memory layout of objects on the heap. There's no guarantees that the hack will adhere to this, and finding new setups to perform SRM in Undermiser is not expected of players.
  • Text overflow/accessing the debug menu - Similar to SRM, this requires careful manipulation of memory to overwrite memory with specific text, which may have changed in the hack. Finding new setups and/or uses is not expected.
  • Index warp - Requiring index warp could lead to a save potentially being "unwinnable" if a player hits an owl statue (which may be required). While this glitch is fantastic at saving time for speedruns, it's a lot less useful in Undermiser for generally solving puzzles.
  • Get Item Manipulation (GIM) - Due to how the Randomiser hack was implemented, GIM work differently. For example, in the base game, it is very easy to GIM ocarina back, however in Randomiser performing the same setup results in obtaining a red potion. Other GIM's are likely to also have similar differences from the base game.

There are a handful of modifications which have been applied intended to make Undermiser more entertaining for the player. These include:

  • All text is quicktext.
  • Fierce Diety's Mask is usable anywhere.
  • Most cutscenes have been shortened/removed.
  • Most items/masks/upgrades can be re-obtained in a new cycle.
  • Trying to shoot an action swap arrow when you have 0 arrows in inventory will not crash the game. Note that you won't actually shoot any arrow unless you would be able to in vanilla MM; this just prevents the crash from happening when you can't.
  • Using 0th day will not erase your save file.
  • You do not start with any shield.

Items can only be found somewhere you could obtain something from the vanilla version of Majora's Mask. A full list of where to check for items can be found in the spoiler log. You are welcome to use the spoiler log to skip the tedious randomiser portion of the puzzle and just try to figure out a route to completing the puzzle. In general, these locations include:

  • All catchable bottle contents.
  • All chests (including those on the moon and in the pre-clocktown area). Note: you only have to play the treasure chest minigame as Goron.
  • All equipment upgrades.
  • All heart pieces and heart containers.
  • All purchasable items from the Trading Post, Bomb Shop, Witch Shop, Goron Shop, and Zora Shop.
  • All pause menu items/masks except for the Ocarina of Time, Deku Sticks, and Deku Nuts.
  • All songs except Song of Time and Song of Healing.
  • All temple maps, compasses, small keys, and boss keys.
  • All Tingle maps.

This section outlines some potential game crashes/softlocks to avoid which someone might encounter. This only lists the more obscure cases which someone might not know.

  • Taking Epona to the following locations crashes the game:
    • Winter Snowhead Temple
    • Uncleared Ikana Canyon
  • Avoid double loading areas where Epona is when performing Epona hovers. This may crash the game.
  • If you touch a slippery slope while doing an Epona hover, your character will be stuck in a "sliding" animation until the scene is reloaded (or the moon crashes)
  • Avoid double loading the clocktower interior. This may crash the game.
  • Avoid double loading the twisted hallway leading to the clocktower interior, then entering the pre-clocktower area. This may crash the game.
  • Be careful holding target while Goron is running on the ground with Goron missile speed. This may crash the game.
  • Be careful when activating Song of Time storage; the textbox may not close automatically after selecting yes, and if you have no way to reload the scene or interact with a different textbox/Ocarina, you will be stuck.
  • Be careful with your timing putting on transformation masks when using 0th day. If you're slow (but not too slow), you may end up with a corrupted model. If this happens, try to change forms as quickly as possible as having this corrupted model may crash the game.
  • Hitting something with the Great Deku Sword which causes recoil (ex.: torches) will cause Deku to be stuck in the recoil animation until he takes damage or the scene reloads.
  • If Link is wearing a "false mask" (i.e. one of the transformation masks like a normal mask), then taking it off behaves like taking off Giant's mask. Doing this when you're not in Twinmold's room is highly likely to softlock. Put on a different mask to get rid of the false mask.
  • If you try to start a Zora hover too far away from the coast (both too deep and too high), there's a chance you will end up stuck on land or under water until the scene reloads.
  • If you try to use items while in a Zora hover, there's a good chance you will end up mid-air and stuck that way until the scene reloads.
  • Playing Song of Double Time on 0th or 4th day will softlock the game. If you're entering 0th day using SoT storage+owl save storage, you can potentially leave 0th day in a few ways:
    • Reload the scene or void (sometimes voiding might not work, reloading a scene twice is sometimes required; I don't really understand this all that well other than specific situations)
    • Wait for the in game time to transition to first day

Ready to get started? Below is the ROM Patcher.

Click on the open ROM Patcher button to open the Patcher. Open an original Majora's Mask WAD. Select which version you would like. Click apply patch and save the new WAD.